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The Mariposa Foundation is a private family foundation based in New York City that customarily gives anonymously. The Foundation defines its areas of interest both by program area and geography, with a particular focus on supporting organizations working on environmental, social, and economic justice issues.

The Challenge

Most Americans not only believe in climate change, they’re also ready to act. But with doom and gloom everywhere they look, environmental content leaves people feeling overwhelmed and stuck. With the help of social media creators, The Mariposa Foundation sought to reach young people with hopeful climate messaging.

The Opportunity

In collaboration with Purpose, we laid the groundwork for a network of influencers who can move their followers toward environmental action and advocacy. We developed a brand for a general audience, Sustain, and a sub-brand for BIPOC youth, It’s Getting Hot Y’all, to establish a credible social media presence and accompanying content for influencer outreach and recruitment.
When developing a name for the brand, Sustain was chosen to stand out in the climate space. It serves as a call to action and an identifier for the community.
We crafted a hopeful, approachable, and action-oriented tone. The imagery used throughout the campaign features lush landscapes—a nod toward the positive future state we’re working towards.
As a BIPOC youth-focused sub-brand, we wanted to establish a connection to Sustain while leaving room for It’s Getting Hot Y’all to explore a more playful brand system.
The tone is more bold, conversational, and cheeky while maintaining the motivating, active elements of the Sustain voice. We borrowed a colloquial phrase for the name to express emotion and a communal sense of responsibility in a lighthearted way.

The Impact

We recruited 28 creators, more than double the target goal of 10–15. Influencers recruited were racially, ethnically, and geographically diverse. Ultimately, our goal was to impact influencers’ followers. We ran a paid media test with lookalike audiences to better understand their response to the creative.

During the five-week campaign, we achieved:
Reach: 33,872
Engagement: 7,171
Engagement rate: 14.6%
Typical engagement rate for similar campaigns: 1-2%

Project Credits

Client – The Mariposa Foundation
Year of Completion – 2023
Focus – Climate Messaging
Project Team – Rebecca Hovland, Purpose
Links – Sustain on Instagram | It’s Getting Hot Y’all on Instagram

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