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The Last Penny

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Located in the heart of our Baltimore, The Last Penny welcomes people seeking solace and a joyous atmosphere. With its quaint charm and intimate setting, this locally owned cocktail bar serves as a sanctuary for patrons to unwind after a long day’s toil. From the rich aroma of aged whiskey to the tantalizing fizz of freshly shaken cocktails, every sip at The Last Penny tells a story of craftsmanship and passion. Here, amidst the laughter and clinking glasses, neighbors become friends, and time seems to stand still in the embrace of genuine camaraderie.

The Challenge

In an effort to revitalize their local cocktail bar, The Last Penny was in need of a total brand refresh. From the look and feel of the bar to the visual branding, The Last Penny aims to attract a fresh wave of patrons while refining its atmosphere and aesthetics. Through a strategic rebranding effort, they seek to enhance their appeal and elevate the overall experience for both existing and prospective customers.

The Opportunity

In collaboration with Purpose, we laid the groundwork for a network of influencers who can move their followers toward environmental action and advocacy. We developed a brand for a general audience, Sustain, and a sub-brand for BIPOC youth, It’s Getting Hot Y’all, to establish a credible social media presence and accompanying content for influencer outreach and recruitment.

The Impact

We successfully crafted a new logo that effectively communicates the evolving direction of their bar, reflecting its fresh identity and vision. Additionally, we delivered compelling visual assets that vividly showcase the bar’s updated ambiance and character. Our efforts aimed to ensure consistency and resonance between the brand’s visual representation and its revitalized essence..

Project Credits

Client – The Last Penny
Year of Completion – 2023
Focus – Brand Refresh and Social Media Marketing
Services: Brand Visual Identity, Brand Guidelines Development, Social Media Direction, Visual Mockups
Project Team – Lois Sarfo-Mensah, Crystal Mosby, Dibe Laba

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