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What began as a storytelling showcase and luncheon at The Yale Club of NYC, attended by over 200 entrepreneurs, influencers, and investors, evolved into a two-day brand amplification event. The conference focused on expanding support for women and new majority founders leading social enterprises. It brought together social entrepreneurs, tech innovators, digital creators, and impact investors for curated content, high-quality brand-to-brand connections, and community building.

Powered by She Thinks Purple, this event will take place April 4-5, 2019 at the Eaton Hotel DC and the National Union Building, respectively.

PurpleCON kicks off on Thursday, April 4 with a pre-con lunch, panels, and talks event along with an official welcome mixer. It continues on Friday, April 5 with a full day of interactive presentations, panels and pop-up experiences.

The Challenge

1. Inaugural Event Planning: As PurpleCON was a new conference, establishing a structured format and agenda that resonated with the target audience was crucial.

2. Coordination and Logistics: Managing a two-day event with multiple sessions, venues, and participant activities required meticulous planning and execution.

3. Audience Engagement: Ensuring high engagement and meaningful interactions among diverse participants, including social entrepreneurs, tech innovators, digital creators, and investors.

4. Brand Integration: Effectively integrating and amplifying the brands of participants and sponsors in a cohesive and impactful manner.

5. Resource Allocation: Balancing budget constraints while delivering a high-quality experience across various event components, from content sessions to networking opportunities.

The Opportunity

PurpleCON 2019 provided an excellent opportunity to create innovative programming that highlighted the latest trends and insights in social entrepreneurship and technology. By designing unique and interactive content, the event could engage and inspire participants, fostering a dynamic learning environment.

Additionally, the event was a prime platform for community building. By facilitating strong connections and collaborations among attendees, PurpleCON could help cultivate a supportive ecosystem for women and new majority founders. This community-building aspect was crucial for enhancing the long-term impact and reach of the conference.

The event offered significant potential for brand visibility. Effective promotion and execution could enhance the reputation of PurpleCON and its partners, showcasing their commitment to supporting social enterprises and innovation. This visibility would be beneficial for attracting future participants and sponsors.

Engaging key stakeholders, including influencers and investors, was another vital opportunity. Their active participation and support could drive the success of the event and ensure that it met its objectives of fostering connections and promoting social entrepreneurship.

Finally, establishing a successful inaugural event was crucial for setting the foundation for future editions of PurpleCON. By delivering a high-quality experience, the event production company could help expand the conference’s reach and impact, positioning it as a leading event in the field of social entrepreneurship and innovation

Measurements for Success


Excellence in content — from panels and to presentations, each opportunity should be relevant and inspiring.



Real-Time Value — attendees gain valuable insight, tools, or ideas that can be implemented as soon as they return back to their work.



Genuine environment to support growth — curating an experience that feels genuine from first engagement through future engagements with the brand and creating a space for connection, whether personal or professional.

The Impact

PurpleCON 2019 had a profound impact on the ecosystem of support for women and new majority founders. The event successfully brought together over 150 entrepreneurs, influencers, and investors, facilitating high-quality brand-to-brand connections and community building. Through curated content and interactive sessions, participants engaged in meaningful discussions and collaborations. Many currently influential woman-owned brands and businesses were present, enhancing the event’s significance. The conference set a strong precedent for future events, boosting the visibility of social enterprises and empowering female founders to lead transformative change in their industries

Project Credits

Client – She Thinks Purple
Year of Completion – 2019
Focus – Social Enterprises + Tech Conference
Services – Event Design, Graphic Design, Experiential Production, Event Management, Vendor Management
Project Team – 3 Pillars Co: Lois Sarfo-Mensah
Event Partners – CrysMosby Design, Mebane Design Studio, Balloon Artistry, Jennifer Rose Events, Eaton Hotel DC, National Union Building, Pixilated, Provisions Cafe

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