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KEYS Empowers is a registered nonprofit that strives to connect holistic, community programs and services with the people that need them the most. Their unique approach to community activation, transformation, and healing has always been people-driven and mission-focused. They aim to meet community members where they are at, and create opportunities for human connection to break the cycle of generational trauma.

The Challenge

Recently, KEYS Empowers has received significant recognition for their impactful programs and events that serve the community. This heightened awareness of their non-profit efforts has prompted the organization to consider a redesign of their website to better reflect their current achievements and future aspirations. The previous website, while functional, did not effectively showcase the organization’s present status or communicate its mission and values through a polished, modern design. With the goal of enhancing their online presence, KEYS Empowers aims to create a website that clearly illustrates their journey, highlights their successes, and aligns with their vision for the future.

This redesign will not only provide a more accurate representation of who KEYS Empowers is today but also serve as a platform to engage with their supporters, attract new stakeholders, and continue their mission of empowering the community.

The Opportunity

In collaboration with Crystal Mosby, we were commissioned to redesign their website, offering an exciting opportunity to reintroduce the company to the public. This redesign aims to better showcase their identity through the strategic use of color, updated typography, and a more detailed presentation of their current efforts and programs. This project will not only highlight their achievements but also communicate their mission and values more effectively to their audience.

The Impact

This website redesign for Keys Empowers will significantly enhance their ability to gain respect and visibility within the community. By creating a modern, user-friendly online presence, KEYS Empowers will more effectively communicate their mission, values, and the impactful programs they offer. This will increase awareness and engagement, attracting more supporters, volunteers, and donors.

Project Credits

Client – KEYS Empowers, Inc.
Year of Completion – 2023
Focus – Nonprofit Website, Mental Health & Wellness, Social Enterprise
Project Team – Crystal Mosby, Tarsus Studios, Lois Sarfo-Mensah
Links – KEYS Empowers Website

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