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Founded in 1997, the New York City Employment and Training Coalition (NYCETC) is the voice of New York’s workforce development community. They are the largest city-based workforce development association in the United States, with over 220 members providing jobs for over 600,000 New York residents. The association’s members create jobs and connect underserved New Yorke residents: those of color, those who are of low- or moderate-incomes, those with multiple barriers to employment, and those who have been left out of the growing economy due to systemic and historic marginalization — to opportunities so they can support their families and give back to their communities.

Project Overview

New York residents face many barriers acquiring employment and gaining economic mobility, one of the main challenges is a lack of workforce training. In order to help fix this, an initiative was started to help increase investment in bridge programs. A special rally would take place where various New York City Council Members would call for (then) Mayor de Blasio to invest $70 Million into workforce programs.

The Opportunity

We helped NYCETC be prepared for this rally and subsequent events by preparing their initial rally materials and infographics to help spread awareness on the initiative. We explored different logo concepts based off of their brand colors for the campaign.

We provided various variations as well as mockups to help them visualize the concepts as they would be used at an in-person event. After selecting their preferred direction, we prepared print ready files for their posters and banners for the event.

Once the branding was established, we developed an infographic to capture the information they wished to distribute across various stakeholders. This includes critical statistics, quotes, and strategies for solutions.

The Objectives

  • Create a campaign logo that aligns with current organizational branding
  • Create infographics for various educational materials
  • Provide guidance on printing for public demonstration

The Impact

100+ advocates, including 5 council members, were prepared with various materials. NYCETC staff were able to lead at least five events using the infographic printouts.

Project Credits

Client – New York City Employment & Training Coalition
Year of Completion – 2017
Focus – Economic Mobility Program Branding
Project Team – Alexander Pryor
Links – Rally on Youtube

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