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Website Design & Development

B-360 is a nonprofit organization based in Baltimore that utilizes dirt bike culture to end the cycle of poverty, disrupt the prison pipeline, and build bridges in communities through STEM education, community engagement, career preparation, and events.

From chatting with B-360’s founder and engaging in our initial research, we learned there was a compelling story about the organization that needed to be shared.

Since their story wasn’t present on B-360’s previous website, we knew this would be a great opportunity to educate their website visitors on why dirt bike culture is as prevalent as it is and how this organization plans on using its popularity to solve societal issues.

We developed web copy that clearly explains the story of its history, the impact it has made in four short years, and the goals it aims to achieve.

We then designed and developed a custom and responsive WordPress website. We focused on providing clear and concise information about B-360 and a clean user experience for visitors, especially those seeking to learn more about, partner with, or donate to this amazing organization.

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Updated Website

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